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leafTEA Infuser

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Origin: China


We have created a stainless steel infuser that is the simplest way to brew your favorite teas! leafTEA Infuser fits most cups and teapots, and features ultra-fine holes designed specifically to keep any type of tea inside your strainer and out of your cup! Simply add one teaspoon of your loose tea into the infuser and pop the silicone top on it, then you can use leafTea just like a teabag.

Steep the perfect cup of tea each and every time with our leafTEA Infuser!

Design features:

- Food safe silicone and stainless steel
- Dishwasher safe





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12/18/2019, 08:01

Quality    **
I loved this thing initially. Easy to use and no tea material coming through but the last few times I have used it the top has popped off while steeping. The 1st time I figured it was user error, so I made sure it was secure and didn't move it around too much while steeping (habit of dipping and swirling it around my tea cup) . Still had it popping off.
Last night I sat there and watched it slowly pop off while it was sitting in my tea cup.
It makes such a mess.
Off to look for some that secures better.
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06/18/2015, 18:37

this was my first tea strainer that I have ever used and I have been using it daily to make 1-2 gallons of tea with loose tea leaves. Have not had any loose tea come through the strainer and it is perfect for our needs! Thank you for offering a quality product at a reasonable price! I will be ordering more from this company!
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03/23/2015, 10:51


1/ Stainless steel, laser perforations, does not collect residue or have leaf fragments escape.
2/ Easy twist off and on top, and seamless construction, enables easy filling and emptying of tea leaves with a firm tap in the dustbin.
3/ The size fits perfectly into the opening of the "1.2 Litre Double Wall Insulated Vacuum Push Button Jug by Sentik" or "Sunnex Stainless Steel Vacuum Jug CI0005 70oz / 2ltr | Hot Beverage Jug, Thermal Jug by Sunnex", and contains enough tea for a good brew.

I have two - one for the office and one for the home office.
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