Lavender Vanilla Earl Grey

Lavender Vanilla Earl Grey

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Origin: USA


We selected the loveliest black teas and enhanced them with the addition of highly fragrant bergamot oil, pure lavender and added a hint of vanilla to soften the blend.

Bergamot oil is the key to making a classic Earl Grey taste the way it should. We’ve added the comforting classic taste of vanilla and soothing lavender to make this a lovely tea that takes the classic earl grey flavor to the next level!

Try our Lavender Vanilla Earl Grey any way you like it- hot, iced, sweetened with your choice of milk, or as a tea latte, Lavender Vanilla Earl Grey is sure to please.





organic black tea, oil of bergamot, vanilla, cornflower petals, lavender, natural flavouring, sea salt, citric acid, malic acid
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 3-4 minutes.


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7 reviews
Quality    ****  83%


07/17/2020, 20:18

Quality    ***
Exactly what JL wrote below me... unexpected smokiness mars an otherwise beautiful blend
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06/23/2020, 16:41

Quality    ***
This is a VERY smoky tea. I’ll start by saying I’m a huge fan of Earl Grey, and have drunk it for years in every possible iteration. The more bergamot the better! I’m also a big fan of lavender as an addition. I usually have a lavender Earl Grey in regular rotation, and I expected to enjoy this more.
I don’t know if it’s just my batch (a recent purchase), but this version has a smokiness and intensity that is more reminiscent of a traditional Lapsang Souchong than an Earl Grey. It totally overpowers the aromatic elements of this blend, unfortunately. The smokiness only increases on a second steeping. As with the other teas I’ve sampled from TeaLyra, it’s clearly a quality tea, but if you’re expecting a creamy aromatic variant on an Earl Grey, this likely won’t fit the bill. A shame, as with a less smoky base tea, this would be excellent.
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06/04/2018, 09:13

Quality    *****
What a fantastic Earl Grey. Delicious in both taste and fragrance.
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05/19/2016, 10:22

Quality    *****
It has a nice strong lavender flavour and smell. I did however find it way too dry on my throat. If you are OK with 'dry' teas then give it a go.
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Christie Lee

04/12/2016, 15:17

Quality    *****
This is a delicious tasting BOLD earl grey with pure lavender taste. This brews up a wonderful classic tasting EG that is really great with natural lavender, zero bitterness as well! I highly recommend it!
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09/19/2014, 02:15

Quality    ****
It's not strong on the Lavender, just a hint. It's a nice, smooth tea.
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tea girl

05/05/2014, 23:05

Quality    ****
I love this tea steeped for 3-5 min. add in pure lavender oil (1 drop) plus 1 or 2 drops of orange oil,..finish with some stevia, brown sugar & cream. Lovely!
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