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Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1

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This is one of our highest qualities of pure matcha!

Imperial Ceremonial Matcha has been grown in Nishio (within the Aichi prefecture of Japan) for centuries, and is renowned all over the world as a tea for the true connoisseur. A favorite among Japan’s tea ceremony instructors due to its intense aroma and rich yet delicate taste. Imperial Matcha Ceremonial Grade 1 really is a tea fit for an Emperor.

If you want to drink straight matcha and are seeking incredible quality at a reasonable price, this is your choice!

We have recently upgraded our Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1- we are confident you will love it as much as we do. We are proud to offer an even better, smoother and less bitter matcha at our excellent prices.

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Japanese Matcha powder


by Tiantian Zou
February 2021
I'm extremely picky about my tea and I'm impressed by this Imperial Matcha. It's so creamy and sweet. I like it the traditional way just with hot water and respect. I also like Tealyra's simple package, nothing fancy and provide great value to the customers. Thank you Tealyra. will spread the word.
by P-L
January 2021
My go to matcha powder. Ive tried numerous matcha powders over the years from different suppliers and I would say this one is one of the better ones out there. I solely drink my matcha in its pure form and not in lattes. It has a bright green colour, froths & dissolves easily and has rich creamy taste. The after-taste is not at all bitter and leaves a nice note of fresh grass. I believe this is a great price for it and I would recommend anyone to try this one out before venturing to the more expensive ones.
by Mk
January 2020
This is my FAVORITE matcha tea by far!!! ... after trying many many ones over the years. It has a bright, fresh flavor and is very smooth.
by Chefmuhs
March 2019
Ok I absolutely ???? LOVE this matcha blend. I ordered a few from here and this was my first to try and it froths up great.!. I also ordered the tin to get the clumps out. Love it. I love that they have so many different kinds .. Thank you. I also order from the tea spot living in Colorado, but they only have 2 matchas and I am enjoying these matchas much more.!. Mmmm and you guys have masala chai as well..!!
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